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About Us

Hero Translating is an international translation agency that provides high-end language services in more than 70 languages. Our team consists of experienced professionals, sworn translators, bilingual native speakers and our coordinators, who will always be available online.
  1. Quality and reliability are our priorities.

    Thanks to expert knowledge of our associates and our vast experience with managing complex language projects, we are able to ensure the level of quality that you expect. Within our translating team we have versatile professional translators, qualified and well-proven specialists for particular fields and language combinations, and bilingual foreign language speakers, who help us ensure accuracy of terminology. Our products are subject to quality control according to your needs and requirements. Prompt delivery of our services within the agreed deadline can be relied upon and, in the exceptional case where we cannot deliver on time, we provide our customers a contractual discount.

  2. Fair price is agreed upon in advance.

    We understand that you need to control your costs, and that is why we make you a quote for FREE. It's simple – just send us specifications of the required services using our Query Form, or by email, and our coordinators will contact you shortly with a detailed quote. However, if you prefer being charged according to our output rather than agreeing to an advance price calculation, we will be happy to make the calculation after our services have been rendered.

  3. We are flexible and communicative.

    Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of your supplier not answering your emails and not picking up the phone? With us, you don't have to worry about that! Our online customer service is constantly at your disposal, and will answer your questions within hours. We understand your problems and we never hesitate to work overtime to ensure your full satisfaction. Thanks to our individual approach to our customers, we are able to satisfy the needs of each and every customer, no matter if you are a web designer, publishing house or international corporation.

  4. We operate internationally.

    Thanks to our associates from various parts of the world, we are able to employ and coordinate with authentic native speakers and offer their services at a reasonable price. Since we offer our services internationally, the quality of our work has to be ensured by a system of checks and standardized procedures to maintain high professional standards. If you are doing business in multiple countries, we will be happy to adapt to your needs and will communicate with you 24 hours a day in any languages and in any time zones.

  5. We will give you exactly what you need.

    We offer a whole range of products, from urgent translations of official documents for private persons to contractually secured complex solutions and long-term contracts for big corporate clients. Bad state of original documents, unusual data format or difficult literary translation from a dead language? None of these are a problem for us. We will consult you in case of ambiguous terms, so that you won't risk being unpleasantly surprised after receiving your final translation. Professionalism of our products is very important to us, so if we are not able to guarantee part of the requested services in top level quality ourselves, we will use services of our contractual partners. If you are not happy with any of the services rendered, you can rely on our personal claims service to make amends