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Translating is the core of our business, we can therefore offer you our translation services really quickly, in high quality and at a reasonable price. Thanks to our flexible customer support you can get the information about processing of your order in real time and you can even change the parameters of you order. Depending on your requirements and time constraints, each of your projects may be translated by one translator or by a whole team of cooperating experts.

Standard Translation

Do you want to avoid paying more than is necessary? Do you only need standard translation of internal materials, business correspondence or, say, a foreign language magazine? You have come to the right place. Hero Translating will complete a quick and inexpensive translation of anything you send us. With large orders and repetitive texts we provide additional discounts (see our Price List). The standard translation, as well as all our translations, is done by an experienced translator or bilingual native speaker. However, in order to manage both time and cost it is not subjected to additional thorough stylistic modifications. For translation of repetitive texts use the CAT translators. Thanks to the aforementioned characteristics of our business, we can offer you high-quality translations at better prices than our competition.

Revised Translation

Do you need to translate promotional materials, reports or publications? If so, we can offer you our Revised Translation. The text is first translated by an experienced translator with maximum focus both on grammatical and linguistic correctness and also terminological accuracy. Then comes a detailed proofreading by an expert - native speaker, who will check the used collocations and remove possible stylistic shortcomings. Finally, we perform graphic and formatting modifications of the final documents in exact accordance to your wishes. Thanks to our external partners we can fulfill all your needs, be it modification of pictures, DTP, or recording by a native speaker.

Sworn Translation

Do you need verified translation of your diploma, sworn translation of a contract or translation of notarized documents? Rely on our services and we will flexibly deliver the translation, with a legal verification stamp, in any of the languages we provide.
In cases of legal document verification we cooperate with experts, who are associated under the Chamber of Court Interpreters and with foreign consular offices, so there is no problem to acquire either apostille or even higher degrees of legalization for your documents.

Express Translation

Is your deadline approaching, do you need to submit your documents asap or you do you just not want to wait? Use our Express Translation service and you don't have to worry about the "deadline" any more. You will get your translation through email, immediately, as soon as it is ready, and we will discuss the invoicing later. In the case of sworn translations, you will get your legalized documents by a courier, or you can pick them up here personally. We can deliver translation in 48, 24, 12 or fewer hours, as per your request. Fees for express work are transparent, and you will be notified of their amount at the time the order is submitted. If you need to use the Express translation service regularly, the best option is the Translation Services Contract, where the assumed scope of services is specified, as is the more advantageous price without additional charges. You can always depend on us - thanks to our wide network of associates, we can process even large amounts of text almost as you wait.

Technical Translation

Do you need to translate technical manuals, instructions, guides, norms, catalogues, project documentation, safety sheets, or computer code? Is the accuracy of technical terms and flawless execution of highest importance to you? We are proficient in technical translations in the following fields: informatics, web design, medicine, media, telecommunications, consumer electronics, electrotechnics, construction, energy industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, chemistry, transport, logistics, food industry, ecology and others.
You can trust our professional translations for any professional field , just like many satisfied customers before you.

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