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We provide professional interpreting, wherever and whenever you need it. Just send us your requirements and we will find the right interpreter for you, who will cater to your needs and wishes. With the exception of ad hoc accompanying interpretation, we can provide complete interpretation coverage of professional conferences, film festivals and multilateral negotiations. Beyond the techniques of consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting and interpreting from a sheet, our interpreters can provide narration of foreign text or dubbing.

Accompanying Interpreting

In our interpreter, you will find a person who will accompany you at your business trips and will give you a helping hand, whenever you need it. We offer accompanying interpreting at meetings, fairs, celebrations, exhibitions, vernissages and other social gatherings. If the interpreter is going to serve a representative function, we will offer his/her photograph for your approval.

Consecutive Interpreting

Do you need an interpreter for your business meeting, public speech or excursion? We will provide you professional assistance. Our interpreter will be your ears and mouth and will help you to communicate your message seamlessly. Your needs are our priority, which is why our interpreters always carefully prepare themselves , based on the materials supplied, so that their performance is flawless. Be it interpreting of a prepared speech or interpreting of business negotiation sentence by sentence, you can always trust our reliability and professional performance.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Hero Translating will satisfy your needs even in the most demanding interpreting discipline - simultaneous interpreting. The personal simultaneous interpreting (so called whisper interpreting) will help you understand a foreign speaker in real time, without any delay due to consecutive interpreting.

Conference Interpreting

Are you hosting a conference and are looking for both a professional and cost effective solution of your interpretation needs? You don't need to look any further, our language consultant will analyze your needs and create a tailored project exactly to them, including required technical equipment. For conference interpreting we use all above mentioned interpreting techniques.

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