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Localization is a highly specialized service, where a specific product is translated into one or more foreign languages while we maximally stress the needs of the final user of the product. Hero Translating has extensive experience with these specialized translations, we can therefore offer you just the quality you need.

Webpage Translation

Do you want to expand your web presentation with more language versions? Would you like to introduce newsfeeds on your multiple language pages without having to have them translated every day? Use our services and get a high-end multilingual web presentation in any language you can imagine. With a long-term contract for localization services, you can send us your news simply by email, and we will take care of everything else, including updating your webpage. We cooperate with professional web design studios, and regularly perform localization of our clinets' web pages into many languages, therefore we can also arrange for related graphic and web design services.

Software Localization

Very few types of translation are as demanding, in terms of accuracy, as software localization. Do not settle for standard services. Instead, entrust your software product to professionals. We can work with programming code and we will perform the localization exactly according to your requests to ensure that the image of your product does not suffer even the slightest damage. Whether it be the localization of office software, web applications or computer games, you can depend on our professional approach and precise execution, and all this at a reasonable price.

Online Translating Service

Do you often need to translate several pages, lines or words? Do you often hear: "It was too late yesterday"? Then our Online Translation Service is the right thing for you. We can agree on an expected volume of services provided and you can then simply send us your texts for translation anytime you need and you will only pay a fraction of the usual price. Is your budget limited? With us you don't have to worry. Prepay your credit with us, or, alternatively, leave us to send you information about the outstanding amount of your open account.

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