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We know very well that each of our customers has his or her own needs and wishes and that is why we are ready to go above and beyond services usually offered by translation agencies and provide you with exactly what you need. We know what we are best at and that is why we leave everything else to our external subcontractors and, of course, check the quality and professionality of their work. The following are the main types of additional services we offer.

Native Speaker Proofreading

If you need more than just grammatical correctness and accuracy of terms, but also perfect writing style and brilliant collocations, do not hesitate to use our proofreading by a native speaker. Whether it be our translation or a text supplied by you, our associates will give it the brisk style and flair of an authentic text. Our proofreading is not just checking for mistakes and inaccuracies, but complete refactoring of a foreign language document tailored precisely to your needs. We also provide adjustment of keywords for web search engines and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Native Speaker Recording

Are you preparing a foreign language speech and want to hear a correct pronunciation? Are you preparing dubbing of a document, promotional video, or other multimedia document? We will provide native speakers of the required languages, who will record your text however you wish. For larger projects, we will be happy to give you sample tracks in advance , so that you can choose the voice you prefer. We can either do the recording ourselves, or we can send our native speakers directly to your studio.

Graphical Works, Formatting

Do you have advertising materials in a graphic format? Do you need a multilingual document with complex structure? Send us your requirements and we will take care of everything! We cooperate with a professional graphic studio, so it is not a problem to create a translation in any format and to make any modifications in your document. If you so choose, we can even make an original graphic design for your document. Additional formatting and graphic services are free of charge for regular customers.

Foreign Language Copywriting

Are you entering a new market and need advertising materials in a foreign language? Is simple translation not enough? We cooperate with authors and professional copywriters around the world, therefore we can supply authentic advertising texts tailored for a particular market. Do not take any chances and let us create original foreign language texts for you. Investment in quality pays off, and in marketing this is doubly true.

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