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Translation Chinese <=> English

    Our translation agency offers professional Chinese translation services for English to Chinese and Chinese to English language pairs at excellent prices. We can also translate Chinese or English into more than 70 other languages. Thanks our extensive network of external translators, Hero Translating is one of the few translation agencies on the market which can profesionally translate Chinese to literally any language!

    Chinese - history

    Translation Chinese => English Chinese belongs to the Sinotibetan language family and is the official language in the People's Republic of China, in Taiwan and Singapore, one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations (UN). With more than 1 billion speakers in mother tongue or second language, it is the most widely spoken language in the world. Although Chinese is often regarded as a single language, regional variations in dialect, grammar and vocabulary are comparable to those of Romance languages. All spoken varieties of Chinese share a common formal written language, Vernacular Chinese, written using a nearly identical set of Chinese characters. Today, about one-fifth of the world's population (over 1 billion people) speaks some form of Chinese as their native language. Spoken Chinese is distinguished by its high level of internal diversity, although all spoken varieties of Chinese are tonal and analytic. There are between seven and thirteen main regional groups of Chinese (depending on classification scheme). Of these, the most spoken is Mandarin (about 850 million), followed by Wu (90 million), Min (70 million) and Cantonese (70 million). Most of these groups are mutually unintelligible. The standardized form of spoken Chinese is Standard Mandarin, which is based on the Beijing dialect and is part of a larger group of North-Eastern and South-Western dialects. Standard Mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC), an official language

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    Translation English => Chinese
    Interpreting English <=> Chinese
    Our Chinese translation team consists of professional translators and native speakers who translate exclusively into their native language. We cooperate with excellent Chinese website copywriters and editors who can localize any software product or website. We also offer Chinese sworn translation, consecutive, accompanying and conference interpretation in Chinese, voice-overs, transcriptions, editing and proofreading. Whatever your Chinese translation needs are, Hero Translating can provide them to your full satisfaction.