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Translation Hebrew <=> English

    Our translation agency offers professional Hebrew translation services for English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English language pairs at excellent prices. We can also translate Hebrew or English into more than 70 other languages. Thanks our extensive network of external translators, Hero Translating is one of the few translation agencies on the market which can profesionally translate Hebrew to literally any language!

    Hebrew - history

    Translation Hebrew => English Hebrew (also known as Yehudith, Leshon HaKodesh, or the Language of Canaan – biblical) is a Semitic language belonging to the Afro-Asiatic language family and is one of the world’s oldest living languages, with evidence of its existence as an independent language dating back to 1100 BC. It is one of two official languages of the State of Israel, alongside Arabic, and the primary language of Judaism everywhere. In its modern form, Hebrew is spoken by more than 7 million people in Israel and about 200,000 people in the USA, while Classical Hebrew has been used for scripture, prayer and study in Jewish communities worldwide for over two millennia. Ancient Hebrew is also the liturgical tongue of the Samaritans, of whom 700 remain today and speak modern Hebrew or Palestinian Arabic. The core of the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) is written in Classical Hebrew. In the post-Biblical period, Aramaic gradually replaced Hebrew as the spoken language, but Hebrew was still used as the language of ritual, prayer, literature, and written communication for centuries. Rabbinical Hebrew, used in the Mishnah, developed around 200 AD. The language continued to develop in Medieval times but by the 9th century the use of Hebrew declined and it became a language mainly used for religious purposes. Much of Hebrew’s present form is specifically the dialect of Biblical Hebrew that scholars trace to the 6th century BC, having developed from Medieval Hebrew, which was purely a written language.

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    Translation English => Hebrew

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    Translation English => Hebrew
    Interpreting English <=> Hebrew
    Our Hebrew translation team consists of professional translators and native speakers who translate exclusively into their native language. We cooperate with excellent Hebrew website copywriters and editors who can localize any software product or website. We also offer Hebrew sworn translation, consecutive, accompanying and conference interpretation in Hebrew, voice-overs, transcriptions, editing and proofreading. Whatever your Hebrew translation needs are, Hero Translating can provide them to your full satisfaction.