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Translation Macedonian <=> English

    Our translation agency offers professional Macedonian translation services for English to Macedonian and Macedonian to English language pairs at excellent prices. We can also translate Macedonian or English into more than 70 other languages. Thanks our extensive network of external translators, Hero Translating is one of the few translation agencies on the market which can profesionally translate Macedonian to literally any language!

    Macedonian - history

    Translation Macedonian => English Macedonian belongs to the eastern sub-branch of the South Slavic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. It is closely related to and shares a high degree of mutual intelligibility with Bulgarian and Serbian. It is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia and has official status in parts of Albania, with about 2.3-3 million native speakers. In 2002, 83.1% of the Republic’s population declared Macedonian as their mother tongue. The Macedonian language is a subject of controversy with Macedonia's neighbouring countries: Greeks challenge the legitimacy of its name, while many Bulgarians deny its separateness from Bulgarian. Macedonian and its neighbours form a dialect continuum, with the Bulgarian standard based on the more eastern dialects and Macedonian based on the more western ones. Macedonian also forms a constituent language of the Balkan Sprachbund (with Romanian, Greek and Albanian), which includes languages that share typological, grammatical and lexical features based on geographical convergence, rather than genetical linkage. Macedonians also live in other parts of the geographical area of Macedonia, and Macedonian minorities live in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia. A large number of Macedonians live outside the Balkans, especially in Australia, USA, and Canada. The Macedonian spoken outside the Republic dates back to before the language's standardization and has many dialectic variations, albeit mutually intelligible.

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    Translation English => Macedonian

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    Translation Macedonian => English

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    Interpreting English <=> Macedonian

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    Translation English => Macedonian
    Interpreting English <=> Macedonian
    Our Macedonian translation team consists of professional translators and native speakers who translate exclusively into their native language. We cooperate with excellent Macedonian website copywriters and editors who can localize any software product or website. We also offer Macedonian sworn translation, consecutive, accompanying and conference interpretation in Macedonian, voice-overs, transcriptions, editing and proofreading. Whatever your Macedonian translation needs are, Hero Translating can provide them to your full satisfaction.