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Translation Tajik <=> English

    Our translation agency offers professional Tajik translation services for English to Tajik and Tajik to English language pairs at excellent prices. We can also translate Tajik or English into more than 70 other languages. Thanks our extensive network of external translators, Hero Translating is one of the few translation agencies on the market which can profesionally translate Tajik to literally any language!

    Tajik - history

    Translation Tajik => English Tajik or Persian Tajik (also known as Tajiki, Tadjik or Tadzhik) is a modern variety of the Persian language. Of the approximately 4.38 million Tajik speakers (1991 estimates), most live in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Tajik is the official language of Tajikistan, where Tajiks constitute 80% of the population and the Tajik Persian language dominates in most parts of the country. Non-Tajik residents are often bilingual, with Tajik as their second language. The language has diverged from the Persian of Afghanistan and Iran due to political borders, geographical isolation, standardization, influence from Russian and neighbouring Turkic languages. The standard language is based on north-western Tajik dialects, which have been somewhat influenced by the Uzbek language due to geographical proximity. Tajik also retains numerous archaic elements, partially due to its relative isolation in mountainous regions. Tajiks are also the dominant ethnic group in Northern Afghanistan, and numerous pockets of the country. In Afghanistan, the dialects spoken by ethnic Tajiks are written using the Perso-Arabic script and referred to as Dari, of which 50% of Afghan citizens are native speakers. A large Tajik-speaking diaspora exists in Russia, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere due to economic and political instability in Central Asia in recent years.

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    Translation English => Tajik

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    Translation Tajik => English

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    Interpreting English <=> Tajik

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    Translation English => Tajik
    Interpreting English <=> Tajik
    Our Tajik translation team consists of professional translators and native speakers who translate exclusively into their native language. We cooperate with excellent Tajik website copywriters and editors who can localize any software product or website. We also offer Tajik sworn translation, consecutive, accompanying and conference interpretation in Tajik, voice-overs, transcriptions, editing and proofreading. Whatever your Tajik translation needs are, Hero Translating can provide them to your full satisfaction.